How Does Search Engine Optimisation Work?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of the leading forms of web marketing in NZ today. An increasing number of people are turning to Google when they want to find products, services or information – and businesses are channelling their marketing efforts accordingly. Today, it’s hard to carry out SEO work yourself – it requires too many resources and is therefore best left to an agency that specialises in providing online marketing services. If you’re looking to sign up with an online marketing agency and implement an SEO campaign, it’s important that you understand the basics. A NZ SEO campaign involves a number of different components, and for it to be effective each part needs to be carried out by a specialist.

On-site work
On-site work covers anything done to the site itself.

Site structure

The site structure needs to be set out logically, allowing Google’s search bots to navigate it with ease. Canonicalisation is important, as this allows the bots to read a site accurately.


Content is a major component of any SEO campaign, especially since the release of Google’s Panda algorithm update.

This update has meant that content can no longer be spammy, keyword stuffed or of a poor quality. These days, content needs to be well written, informative and useful to the reader; keywords should still be included, but only minimally. The idea is to provide Google with the best answer to a search query with web marketing in Wellington, rather than just providing text with keywords that match up.

It’s also important that pages are long enough; thin content reduces a site’s quality score. Content also needs to be 100% unique, and duplicate content should be avoided at all costs.

Internal content links

These can be placed on the homepage, pointing to internal pages – or they can be used to link internal pages to each other. Internal content links work to boost the authority of individual pages.

Title tags

Title tags should be optimised on each page to include the relevant keywords. These work to tell Google’s search bots exactly what each page is about.

Off-site work

Off-site work covers optimisation techniques that take place away from the website, i.e. elsewhere on the internet.


Backlinks are links placed on other websites that point back to an optimised site. They essentially show that a site is ‘talked about’ elsewhere on the internet, and therefore they work to boost authority. Backlinks needs to be placed on reputable sites that are relevant, and spammy, unnatural looking links should be avoided.

Off-site citations

Similar to backlinks, off-site citations are when a website is ‘listed’ on another site without a link. Directory listings are a common form of off-site citation.

A combined approach

Whether it’s local SEO in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, or a global campaign, a combined approach is needed. Each and every component of the SEO process is important, and to achieve a high SERP ranking it’s important that they all work in unison.

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